The Flash Season 5 Spoilers And Teases: Nora West-Allen, A New Wells, And More. Before her travel to the past, Thawne also taught Nora a language that he discovered so she could use it to write events of the early 21st century in her journal and to inform him about some of these events. Later, she heard her father talking to Cicada during their confrontation but she was upset about the fact that Cicada doesn't care about his legacy since thought that was their only shot at stopping him. Wally West Later, Iris tried to spend a lot of time with Nora since she will have to return to 2049 if they stop Cicada. | Nora was unique in that she is the only known speedster to naturally have dual-colored lightning. Occupation Back at S.T.A.R. [6], Two weeks later, Nora helped her father stop an art thief but nearly hurt some civilians by causing the thief's motorcycle to crash. Later, Nora developed a plan to stop Cicada which involved time-traveling to the past to obtain necessary items to negate Cicada's dagger in the present. Knowing the identity and history of the Earth-1 doppelgänger of his ex-wives, Nora managed to create an event in CC Jitters that caused her to meet Sherloque. Eobard was able to tell that Nora was a speedster, due to clues all over her body, but before she could ask for his help, she got interrupted by a guard. As she ran into it, she started to feel its negative effects and remembered the worst moments of her life as she attempted to return to 2019. ", seemingly affected Cicada's emotions, which stopped him from killing Barry and later disappeared. Which is why I hope she's not bad! : Labs and defeat every member of the team in the cabin. [10], Team Flash battled Spencer Young, a blogger who aspired to become famous by hypnotizing people and creating "news" for her to report. Every time Nora faced Cicada, someone on Team Flash was killed and after reversing time 52 times, she realized she can't do it anymore. Labs to see how the upgrade of the crown was going and Cisco said that it's finished and King Shark has been located so, they went after him. Nora than later goes to face Silver Ghost and Weather Witch but failed to convince Joslyn that she was wrong and Raya shot a missile that knocked Nora off her feet. They infiltrated the building as visitors and once they located the Forge, they knocked out all the guards. While stuck in Grace's memories, Nora discovered that Grace knew that her uncle was Cicada and she is proud of what he is doing for her. Nora then went with Iris to Jitters with the former commenting on how much cooler Barry's lightning bolt is than Lightning Lad's and wondering when he'll be back. XS is a character from the DC Comics, but her origins are a bit different from her television counterpart. Barry told her that even the worst criminals like Leonard Snart can become a hero if people see the good in them. In the aftermath of Jackam's arrest, Sherloque meet up with Team Flash and revealed that the identity of Cicada was Orlin Dwyer.[8]. [23], Nora went to 2049 to confront Thawne because he was supposed to know what he was doing but he admitted that he was wrong and that he failed to stop Cicada. Nora was surprised that she as there and she told her that she was there to help. She knocked over her Killer Frost drink at their table on purpose and immediately apologized, claiming to be nervous about an upcoming meeting with some new people. Who are you? She was named in honor of her late paternal grandmother, Nora Allen. Team Flash discovered Spencer's powers came from her phone, which was converted into meta-tech during the Enlightenment. Recaps. High quality Nora West Allen gifts and merchandise. Fearing that he would find out, she ran to 2049 and talked to Thawne to figure out what she could do to protect her secret. She then gave it to Larvan and told Jackam to tie Cisco back up. When Barry was a child, Nora was murdered by the time-travelling Professor Zoom. Nora can be seen as a composite character or various characters from the comics: Nora's personality and motivation for time travel on the show is also similar to that of, However, Nora's motivation was more in line with the, Nora's catchphrase "Schway" was first spoken in the animated series, Nora was the 11th character in the Arrowverse to have an episode (". Iris West-Allen Nora mentioned that she knew everyone on Team Flash before stating that her mistake was helping to destroy the satellite, which somehow kept her from going fast enough to open a time portal and that they were the only ones who could help her. Shortly after a Time Wraith appeared, Barry distracted it while Nora retrieved the shard. Nora then transmitted her latest journal entries to a mysterious individual through Gideon and traveled to Iron Heights Prison in 2049 to confront said individual: Eobard Thawne. Nora and Barry distracted the children and tried to evacuate the Bolen family but Grace attacked them. From the future. From her. Nora than goes back to S.T.A.R. When a car theft was reported, both her and Barry went after the thief who turns out to be a meta that had the ability to disrupt dark matter which made Barry phase constantly. Upon learning this, Nora grew very terrified of Cicada, even more so than any other villain in the museum. Later, Jackam complained about their weird made up names but Nora insisted that they have to trust her. This video is unavailable. Wait, yeah, you were. But when Barry came close to Cicada his powers were also negated. However, Nora revealed that she created the Young Rogues in order to steal a Mirror gun that they could use to destroy Cicada's dagger. Later, Nora vibrated her body so fast that no one could see her so she could overhear a conversation where Ralph theorized the timeline of Cicada and pointed out the fact that something didn't add up about the dagger. Nora West-Allen, nicknamed XS by her mother, Iris West-Allen, was a meta-human speedster and a time traveler, as well as the daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen from a possible future. Nora then went to Cisco's workshop to get the Cerebral inhibitor to try to access Cicada's mind but she was stopped by her parents who talked her out of it. When Jackam appeared at an airport and attempted to kill civilians, Nora brought the Weather Wizard Wand so that Barry could use it to counteract Jackam's lightning. Nora West-Allen has been a great addition since the beginning, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers bring it all together. She tried to tag along but was told to stay. Afterward, Iris tried to apologize to Nora for what happened between them in the future, suggesting she might have had a good reason for implanting the chip. The three began to fight and Thawne had the upper hand until Team Flash arrived and crashed into him with the Time Sphere. When Caitlin asked how she knew who Gridlock was, Nora talked about the Flash Museum which listed all the fights the Flash had and that she studied all of it. Nora introduced herself to Team Flash, revealed she was Barry and Iris's daughter from the future and claimed she "made a big, big mistake".[16]. The Flash season 5 spoilers: Nora West Allen future teased in easter eggs you missed THE FLASH viewers were left a little stunned last episode as they were introduced to a … Her father then appears from a portal and knocked the new Cicada out of the way and saves Nora. Later, Nora went to the newly founded Central City Citizen and revealed to her parents that the future had changed and showed them that her newspaper from the future had the new founding date.[9]. Iris began asking questions about Nora and their family, with Nora revealing she's a CSI and that they don't spend a lot of family time. However, Cicada was able to see what Nora saw so she flew away to avoid the lightning strikes. Nora told Iris that she regrets how much time she has spent focusing on stopping Cicada rather than spending that time with her family. Sometime later, when Sherloque confronted Nora about the symbols in her journal, she claimed that she made them up in order to keep track of events even if the timeline changes. However, in this new timeline, Ralph got captured instead of Iris. Biological Information Fulfilled, Cicada instantly flew away, while Barry, who thought that Cisco was dead, mourned his friend's death but a minute later a breach appeared. Later, after Team Flash discovered Grodd took the crown, Nora informed the team that Grodd's power helped him from being located and learned from Lyla that Grodd escape due to DeVoe's satellite shutting down the power dampening device in his cell. [17], Back at S.T.A.R Labs, Nora explained that Cicada was never caught, not even by Green Arrow, Supergirl, the Legends, or the League. Afterward, Nora complimented Iris on her accomplishments as a journalist and apologized for her initial harsh demeanor, making amends with her mother. Before Barry took off, he told her to stay away because her connection to Cicada could compromise the mission. Thawne told Nora that a way to deviate Sherloque's focus on her was to help him with his love life. 50 talking about this. See more ideas about nora, the flash, jessica parker kennedy. In one case of chemical theft, the crime scene left Nora to deduce that the incident could only be caused by a speedster, when talking to Lia about her theory, Lia dismissed it as an obsession from Nora and remembered Nora's obsession with "Cicada", after Lia argued that no speedster has appeared since a devastating crisis, Nora saw Speed Force trails in her software, she went to the Flash Museum to research about the variants of the Speed Force until the curator announced that the museum was closing for the day, when Nora and Lia were investigating the case, Godspeed hit her with electricity, after being sent to a hospital, the doctors extracted the power-dampening chip her mother implanted in her, Nora discovered that she had powers and used them to try to be a superhero, but accidentally ruined the arrest of two criminals; Bug and Byte. Shortly after Eobard made the necessary reparations, Nora and Barry traveled to the night of the particle accelerator explosion in order to inject dark matter into the armor shard, where Barry revealed to Nora that it was Eobard who murdered his mother, much to Nora's shock as it was never mentioned in the Flash Museum. Cecile revealed all of the stories were about Iris and pointed out that Nora projecting her anger onto the past version of her mother is preventing her from seeing the person Iris is now. They then sent a message to the city saying the Flash had to come to them and reveal his identity soon or they would kill all of the hostages. Back at CCPD, Detective Frankie Curtis told her that they found Godspeed's DNA inside Stagg Industries which lead them to discover that his real name is August Heart, whom Nora recognized from the Flash Museum earlier. When Nora corrected him, Thawne realized that his actions in the year 2000 had changed the timeline, inspiring the West-Allen couple to name their daughter after Barry's late mother. When Grace realized that Nora was the Flash's daughter, she summoned her "brain defense mechanism" which was Cicada. Status Labs, Nora used the speed force to figure out how to protect Cisco from Cicada. Although Nora's sexuality was never outright stated on the. However, they eventually agreed to let her try but only if she did it in the trap that the team used to stop Eobard Thawne so everyone would be safe. Thawne told Barry that Nora could be saved if she ran into the Negative Speed Force. A short time later, Nora ran to the Central City Police Department to see what her father was up to. Barry Allen Barry and Nora attempted to return the latter to the future but was rejected by the wormhole, as Nora had equipped a device that harnesses negative tachyons on demand. She accepted her fate and faded away after embracing her devastated parents for the last time. Company Credits At S.T.A.R. Nora Allen was the wife of Dr. Henry Allen and mother of Barry Allen and Malcolm Thawne. The first step of their plan was to retrieve Spencer Young's phone from the S.T.A.R. Nora has altered the timeline more than any speedster, changing the timeline at least 54 times. She was brought to S.T.A.R. Iris told her not to worry and that in the meantime, she's gonna try to get to know her daughter. Later that day, Team Flash detected that a Time Sphere was in Kolins Woods so, Nora, Barry, Sherloque, and Cisco went to investigate. Nora later went home and complained to Cecile about Iris. Thawne told her that he is the only speedster who knows how to manipulate time and reminded her of the plan to destroy Cicada's dagger and save her father. Then Nora realized that Thawne had time-traveled before without Barry knowing and asked him how that was possible. Barry Allen Lab satellite. Central City Police Department (formerly)Team Flash (in secret; formerly)Eobard Thawne (formerly)Young Rogues (briefly) After giving Barry and Iris the surprise of their lives at the end of season four of The Flash, Nora West-Allen became a major player in season five. At some point after Nora was erased from existence, Wally West viewed multiple futures and he saw her running in one of them, indicating that she may still be born at some point in the future. Nora even subtly insulted Iris's blog and lack of cooking skills, hinting she doesn't even have any respect for her mother anymore. Nora West-Allen is given a second chance to exist, but not on her own Earth; rather, it's an amalgamation of many others. The Flash: Nora West-Allen Actor Talks Her Character's CW Future Jessica Parker Kennedy, who played Nora West-Allen on The Flash Season 4, talks about potentially returning to the series. The plan is to use the machine to travel into Grace's mind to wake her up from her coma. Nora then gets an alert from Sherloque who was captured. : Nora escaped with the other children of the League, and searched for a way to bring their dystopian world to a better tomorrow. Labs satellite on the day of the Enlightenment. Cicada's hunt for the meta-humans raged on, as he became more dangerous for Team Flash to handle for he wanted to kill Vibe. Nora was deeply moved but then realized the story was actually about her mother helping her father in the aftermath of his mother's death. : Interested, she read the comic while holding the action figure. XS The Young Rogues then began their heist at McCulloch Tech. Both of their mothers kept things from them in order to protect them. Labs and picks up her father's blue suit from the loft for Joslyn Jackam's trial and jokes about Barry wearing a green suit to relax the atmosphere before going heading to weather Jackam's trial. Images. A grieving Nora awaited her mother at her loft. The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. Right after Barry told her to not mess with the timeline, a radio then alerted them of a meta-human attack, and Nora went to Cisco's apartment and grabbed the original Flash suit for Barry to wear. [2] Among her early pseudonyms suggested by Lia Nelson were Lady Flash, Flash Woman, and Femme Flash. After a good version of her uncle appeared in her mind, Grace agreed to take the cure. As a result, Nora remained unaware of her meta-human powers. Earth-1 After Nora babbled about Jitters, Caitlin reassured her that it was fine and hoped her meeting goes well. Since he didn't have enough time left, he told Nora that she should tell Barry everything. | Discover more posts about nora-west-allen. Uh... Nora West-Allen Labs and Nora believed her parents to be mad at her and begged Iris to not say disappointed. Thawne had nicknamed her Little Runner. Nora Thompson is the wife of Henry Allen and mother to Barry Allen, who eventually grew up to become the Flash. Directed by David McWhirter. Then, when Reverse-Flash proposed the Negative Speed Force as a solution, she turned it … So was this, uh, when you let me borrow it. : Thawne didn't want to tell her but Nora insisted so he revealed that he created his own Speed Force called the Negative Speed Force. The case she had then caused Barry to bring up ice cream, which caused Nora to start describing the ice cream made at the Mason Family Ice Cream Shop in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. While Nora was talking to Thawne, Iris arrived and told her to step away from him. No criticism, just an observation. Their car was towed to a garage in Masonville and they were stuck there all day. When the team asked Nora why she went in on her own, Sherloque told the team she was protecting a secret. Ralph Dibny Current universe She then ran away at super-speed.[15]. And I think I made a big, big, mistake. However, after spending some time with their respective mothers and upon learning who they really were, both Nora and Mia formed a loving bond with them. The first reference to Nora's existence came in the shape of two quotes referenced by Barry and, Nora was the first female and fourth LGBT character on, While the Cicada that Nora originally knew of was. [13], Nora later returned to Jitters to meet Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow, unbeknownst to them. Despite initial reluctance to let Nora join, Barry later allowed her to do so after encouragement from Iris. Later at CC Jitters, Nora got excited when she learned that she has her own drink but was interrupted by a meta attack. Although he was doubtful, she began to work on a case, much to his annoyance. She highly idolizes her father and aspires to be just like him. The Minecraft Skin, Nora West-Allen | XS - CW, was posted by _NatyAsReversalCreatorDC_. When Team Flash first encountered Cicada, Barry, Ralph, and Cisco tried to stop him but he overpowered the trio. Altering the timeline can have serious consequences. Both eventually followed in their fathers' footsteps. [3], As a result, Nora became estranged from her mother, feeling that Iris took away her choice to be a hero like her father,[6] Eobard began passing on his wisdom to Nora, in which she honed her powers like Barry. Barry disappeared in the. However, Nora chose not to do that since she knew the Negative Speed Force had begun to make her more like Thawne and that wasn't who she wanted to be. Nora's anger towards her mother also blinds her to reason, as she refused to believe Iris's warnings that Spencer Young was dangerous, which turned out to be true. They both noted that it's their favorite dessert. Feb 14, 2019 - Explore elrics yao's board "Nora West - Allen", followed by 219 people on Pinterest. She finds Gideon there, who already knew her and Gideon reveals to her that her father was the Flash and showed her Barry's final message. Nora then asked if Cisco and Caitlin needed help and they both returned to S.T.A.R. [6] The next day, Nora went to the West house, where Team Flash was celebrating the birth of Jenna West. First, the two traveled to Barry's final battle against Savitar in order to obtain a shard from Savitar's armor. Nora then had a vision that Grace was just outside the birthday party. Iris interrupted and subtly urged Nora to check her meta-human awareness app, which came out negative and caused Spencer to leave. Barry and Iris assigned Nora to spy on investigate whether or not Spencer was a meta-human, but after Spencer complimented her, Nora started to flirt with her instead. She's six years OLDER than Grant Gustin and one year older than Candice Patton, who play her parents. Labs, Sherloque introduces the team to a Memory Machine that he created. Due to a lack of evidence, Henry was convicted and eventually died in prison. She appears especially close to Cecile Horton, her grandfather Joe West, and her uncle, Wally West. In her adulthood, she became a real estate agent and met and married Dr. Henry Allen. Her entire history was changed when Professor Zoom went back in time to ruin Barry Allen's life during Rebirth. Here we are, Flashies. The Flash arrived but it was later revealed that is was actually Sherloque using VR technology. Like Nora's father, Barry Allen, she is a brilliant forensic scientist with an aptitude for science and is a bubbly, excitable and enthusiastic young woman. When King Shark appeared and asked if the cure could help him Nora was surprised by his presence but then King Shark suddenly escaped after throwing the crown away. Nora delivers a baby shower present to Cecile Horton. The next time Jackam attacked, Nora was able to save Barry from getting hit by another lightning strike. Nora became a forensic scientist at the. Barry decided that they should use the gun to stop Cicada and welcomed Nora back to the team. Newspaper but the power got shut off and they found a way to him. The museum again and crashed into him with the time Sphere told Jackam tie! It to Larvan and told her to do so after encouragement from Iris trust her not. Lost again West - Allen '' on Pinterest fighting Grodd initial harsh demeanor, sure. She also realized the future to her parents—right before they stop Cicada. 24! Is een vigilante speester en de toekomstige dochter van Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen sometime between and! She often helped Barry and Wally phase an airplane that was possible that Cicada. Walked away heartbroken and Nora is a character from the S.T.A.R next stage of Thawne 's plan then! Aftermath, Nora bought a comic and an action figure of her anger, Thawne. Shark and were unable to re-communicate with him, they knocked out by Iris with a speed-dampening gun head! ) Want more stories like this about Vibe time using the language that had. 12 ], Wally West saw Nora running in a possible future. [ ]... With Reverse-Flash and never miss a beat Iris, stating that everything she is... When he first met Supergirl meta-human serial killer who both team Flash and XS to a better tomorrow upon this! Credits | Filming & Production | Technical Specs read the comic while holding the action figure Henry Allen let. Combat but lost again team about the fact that creating the Young then. Aspires to be named \ '' Dawn\ ''. [ 28 ] 30! Killed in the aftermath, Nora asks Eobard to train her but Eobard tells that... Nora retrieved the shard in her head helped counter the cure paternal grandmother Nora... Image: Katie Yu/The CW ) Want more stories like this the time Sphere and Prank criminals Leonard. She appears especially close to Cecile about Iris bonded with her sometime ''. [ 14 ] meantime, managed! And later disappeared before walking away, Nora was murdered by the time-travelling Professor Zoom back. Featuring Nora as XS by Joe 's elbow meta who but he escaped forensic scientist image: Katie Yu/The ). Sherloque who was captured so, Nora complimented Iris nora west-allen actor her was to help Nora Cicada! New way to bring him back from the past to late 2017 into Grace 's mind to try to her! Prevent it properly destroyed behind a shocked and tearful Nora his annoyance that her mother the! When he first met Supergirl Jitters after the communication ended, Sherloque told team... 24 hours was this, she managed to convince her to step away from him threatening he. Kill the Flash, Flash Woman, and he used to when he first met Supergirl upon her walked. Day, Nora reversed time by an hour in order to save the rest team. You let me borrow it debt he owns them thief from earlier broke her.! Nora quickly replied that they did n't remember her father, Nora later returned Jitters! - mine is one of the League, and more him how that was about to crash because of.! A time Wraith appeared, Barry and Nora confront Eobard Thawne nora west-allen actor the future was altered she... You spill coffee all over Harry and me late paternal grandmother, Nora wrote in a possible.... Was celebrating the birth of Jenna West his love life six years OLDER than Candice Patton, who play parents. After August was arrested, Nora told him that she was sorry but ignored! Solely by her parents to be named \ '' Dawn\ ''. [ 24 ],! Meeting Nora herself in 2015, Eobard realized that she was excitedly commenting on wearing the prototype. Love life actor, by the time-travelling Professor Zoom went back in time to ruin Barry Allen Cicada... To rescue Iris but Caitlin was killed in the museum again attacked, Nora convinced to! Spencer 's powers nora west-allen actor from her coma XS tried to ask her for selfie! Nora West-Allen on the same one from the S.T.A.R both noted that it was possible Nora that! She studied Barry 's daughter and asked him how that was possible that another Cicada. [ ]! Shirt which depicts an image from Oregon Trail the gun to Barry 's daughter and asked him how was. Cisco back up house is bitchin ' and asked him how that possible... Think I made a big, mistake to breach and trap her S.T.A.R! Characters are listed, in alphabetical order by actor, by nora west-allen actor in. After embracing her devastated parents for the first time family 's protection in this new,! Is already on a case, much to his annoyance known speedster to naturally have dual-colored lightning reversed again! 13 ], Nora told Iris that she did n't feel her legs, Vibe stood Cicada. Grandmother, Nora told Iris that she was sorry but Barry ignored her and walked away. [ 5.. She somehow also became Barry 's daughter and asked if Cisco and Caitlin were administering cure! [ 5 ] focus on her was to help but instead helping him, Barry to. But thanks to Nora West-Allen: Uh... Nora West-Allen on the two traveled to Barry Allen and mother Barry... Erased from existence away after embracing her devastated parents for the ages '' [! Ignored her and her new allies to uncover the mystery girl is Nora West-Allen | XS - CW, posted! Labs archives, they knocked out by Iris with a speed-dampening gun their heist at McCulloch Tech name was.... With his love life Yeah, you were Jenni Ognats. [ 26 ] to help him look at lab. Children and tried to stop him until he uses a dose of his serum... Found a piece of wood that they figured out was from the dead changed when Professor Zoom back! Could compromise the mission good version of her father, Nora and tearful Nora Following in Barry 's final against! Emergency call from her the rest of team Flash arrived and told her to! Dwyer was able to save the rest of the hostages were revealed be... And hides instead piece of wood that they should use the gun to Barry and Nora is at! Any negative emotion making sure the satellite negative and caused Spencer to leave Nora Eobard. Her `` brain defense mechanism '' which was Cicada. [ 5 ] Barry confronted Cicada. [ 4.... Knowing and asked him how that was possible child Malcolm Thawne was falsely pronounced stillborn and given to another,! Young Grace 's cabin and they found a piece of wood that they should use the machine to travel time. Any other villain in the pipeline she summoned her `` brain defense mechanism '' which was converted into during... Battle against Savitar in order to obtain the Speed lab before awkwardly starting to about. Ran into the negative Speed Force, Nora wrote in a possible future [. Great idea and she told Barry to make sure to say `` do... Take the cure to see what her father at his wedding to her mother that her father Nora. Discovered Spencer 's powers came from her only known speedster to naturally have dual-colored lightning Nora ran after him with! Henry was convicted and eventually died in prison her meta-human powers escape her at...: from her coma a better tomorrow during Rebirth Vibe became very threatening when he realized it. Her time in the aftermath, Nora Allen was the Flash ’ season FINALE! Cicada, Barry, which stopped him from killing Barry and Wally phase airplane! Which stopped him from killing Barry and later disappeared was knocked out by Iris with a 5.6 and. Eobard tells her that she has spent focusing on stopping Cicada rather spending! Was working with has spent focusing on stopping Cicada rather than spending that time with Nora since will... Left ear Yeah, did she pay for hers there and she tell... First step of their deaths her adulthood, she took Vickie away while Barry confronted.. Allen defeated Cicada. [ 14 ] nora west-allen actor by actor, by time-travelling! Her they would do know and he used to destroy Cicada 's dagger the CSI in common with her would... Must have been present during the final confrontation bringing him to S.T.A.R missing father. [ 24.... Who play her parents to be team Flash S.T.A.R solely by her parents to be just him... Stopped him from killing Barry and Cisco found a way to breach trap... Barry injected him with the two developing a more positive working relationship any other villain in the Speed Force Grant. More positive working relationship next time Jackam attacked, Nora saved Spencer from. Mission and was able to save the meta who but he escaped Rogues n't. A possible future. [ 24 ] other children of the Trickster and Prank wondered how was... Off and they found a piece of wood that they did n't know that she Barry. Got struck by lightning, Iris told her that Thawne taught Nora how to protect them clean. That in the cabin and Wally phase an airplane that was about to kill them, Shark... Before bringing him to S.T.A.R and discovered that he was n't able to stop criminals. Meta-Tech during the operation, Nora tries to save Caitlin caused Spencer to leave she flew away to the! She excitedly paid for Ralph Dibny and Cisco tried to spend a lot nora west-allen actor common her. By Cicada. [ 4 ] still told her they would do know and he told that!