Michael Reichmann is the founder of the Luminous Landscape. So, I simply moved on and now test and use products from companies who do appreciate dealing with me… which frankly is almost every other camera maker on the planet, except for Canon. It works, but its not ideal as you can’t be sure until it’s too late. Canon G5X Mark II (100% crop, left) vs Google Pixel 3 (100% crop, right) One area where smartphones do have the edge over one-inch compacts is special point-and-shoot modes like the Pixel … In my opinion, this is the smallest sensor size that still yields professional quality results, at least at low to moderate ISOs. In this next comparison, I wanted to see how the Canon would perform at a shorter focal length, and also against a medium-long lens of top reputation, the Sony 70-200mm f/4 G. Above we see a 100% onscreen view with the Canon on the left and the Sony on the right. This allows you to top-up while out and about using a variety of means from a laptop to a vehicle port to a portable USB battery, all without having to remember your AC adapter and finding a wall socket. (Full disclosure: I am a dad.) The Lumix FZ1000 has a wider aperture to its advantage – f4 compared with f5.6 on the Canon G3X. The other thing worth noting is that for continuous shooting with moving subjects like this the faster speed of the FZ1000 combined with its EVF makes keeping the subject in the frame a lot easier. I assume that the reason for this decision on Canon’s part was to keep the size of the camera as small as possible. It also means you can use it on the beach, as I did, without having to be ultra cautious about the odd bit of spray or sand. Looking for a Canon G3X vs Canon G7X Mark II comparison? Also, whereas I have tried to maintain good relationships with all manufacturers, for reasons that remain opaque to me Canon decided at some point to freeze me out. It can also be articulated upward. This camera falls into the so-called category of “Superzoom”. Canon T6s (EOS 760D) Canon T6i (EOS 750D) Canon 5DS and 5DS R. Canon 7D Mk II. Above: For this clip I tested the G3X’s continuous AF performance by zooming the lens in slightly and panning from the coffee cup on the table up to the bar and back again. Canon T5i. The Canon G3X slows down to f4 by 46mm and then to f5.6 by 164mm, maintaining this value until it reaches 600mm. Sony left; Canon right. Sensor: The canon GX3 X camera features 20 MP 1″ sensor and the Canon G1X Mark II features 12 MP 1.5″ sensor, that clearly means that the photo diodes of the Canon G1X Mark II are big compared to the Canon G3X … So the 25x / 24-600mm range of the Canon G3X outguns them both, reaching three times longer than the Sony and half as far again as the Lumix. I doubt that I even need to mention which one is which in the above 100% screen grab. Resolution is excellent even wide open (which it needs to be a lot of the time to avoid diffraction limitation) though naturally corners are usually a bit softer than the center. I set them up, I shoot, I look at the screen and make prints, then make my determination and move on. Things go a little bit awry with the focus in the middle of the pan but as on the previous clips, the G3X recovers quickly. In Auto mode on the G3X the Digic 6 processor provides scene detection to optimise exposure for all sorts of situations with a variety of subjects in different lighting conditions. The takeaway though is that at 600mm (where both zooms will be used a lot of the time), the new small Canon actually outperforms the Sony / Tamron combination. The Panasonic app also offers more comprehensive settings including the ability to change white balance, image size and quality, metering mode and more (though not the shooting mode). Instead, there is an optional accessory EVF, the Canon EVF-DC1. To test it I took a sequence of shots at progressively slower shutter speeds with the lens zoomed to its maximum 600mm focal length. Tap the screen in Face / Tracking mode and the camera will frame what it believes is the subject and follow it around the screen as it – or the camera – moves. Announced in June 2015, the G3X slots roughly between the PowerShot G7X and G1X Mark II, but offers a unique proposition in the Canon … The G3X also includes the Smart shutter modes which automatically fire the shutter when a smile is detected or start the self time when you wink or when a new face enters the frame. But you can still adjust the strip of focus and produce a good-looking result. It is a beast though when it comes to size and weight. Sony A7II with Tamron 150-600mm @ 600mm /////  Canon G3X @ 600mm. This is the same Sony-sourced sensor as used in the Sony RX10 and Panasonic FZ1000, not to mention the Sony RX100 III. The lens is first rate. I certainly found it useful for my testing, whether it has wider appeal is another question. It has a double hinge allowing it to flip up for waist-level shooting and can face forward for selfies. This sensor, along with Canon's DIGIC 6 processor, permits an ISO range of 125-12800. The G3X has a 25x optical zoom lens with an equivalent range of 25-600mm and a maximum aperture of f2.8 at the wide angle setting closing to f5.6 at the telephoto end of the range. (Yes, I measured the distance with my car). The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II features a … There’s also an option to record in Apple’s edit-friendly iFrame format. Long zoom range. And when you’re shooting in Auto exposure mode you can use the front dial to zoom in discrete steps to specific points in the zoom range. In my test I timed continuous shooting with servo AF at 3.16fps. The G9 X Mark II's diminutive proportions mean the zoom range is pretty modest compared to other 1.0-inch sensor-based rivals, with a 3x optical zoom ranging from 28-84mm – that's … Canon … The cropping results in a significantly reduced field of view compared to shooting still photos at the native resolution, or 1080p video. Why is this the case, when I used to be a Canon user and a regular reviewer of Canon products? Bottom line – I bought one, and it now will be part of my travel kit when I anticipate needing a long lens on the road. Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. It’s hard to imagine why Canon left out this important feature. Because of its use of a first rate sensor, excellent build quality, and a familiar first-rate user interface, the camera will have a strong appeal to photographers who want and need a long reach combined with publication-quality imaging capability. All six versions are then displayed for a couple of seconds and if you press the Func Set button you can review them individually though, of course, you can play them back at any time just like other shots. It’s a big plus and something that neither the Lumix FZ1000 nor the Sony RX10 (Mark I or II) offer. I’ll start with the lens, a 25x optical zoom equivalent to 24-600mm with an f2.8-5.6 focal ratio. Quick Verdict. Conversely, I should also point out the G3X is the only one of the threesome I’m comparing here to offer a touch-screen. The G3X’s fastest continuous shooting speed is 5.9 frames per second with the exposure and focus locked on the first frame. If you don’t like me, then there’s nothing to be done about it. Plus, the … The reason why it’s not centered is because that’s where the lens and sensor lie. It does show some vignetting, but almost no CA through most of the range. Michael passed away in May 2016. Zoomed a long way in, even shooting relatively stationary subjects, like wading birds, for example, I found it a lot easier to keep subjects in the frame with the FZ1000’s viewfinder than the GX3’s screen. Download the original file (Registered members of Vimeo only) It’s not blisteringly fast by any means, but it is quick enough to be able to capture a short sequence of fast moving action. One is better off locking focus if possible. That said, using the Lumix FZ1000 in similar conditions I shot twice as many frames at f4 and all were pin sharp, so if you want to capture fast action with moving subjects the FZ1000 is the one to go for. You can register up to 12 faces adding birthday information and other data. Instead, Canon sells an accessory lens shade called the Canon Lens Hood & Filter Adapter Kit for PowerShot G3 for about $50. The PowerShot G3X is Canon’s long-awaited entry into the big zoom / big sensor category, currently driven by Sony’s RX10 (Marks I and II) and Panasonic’s FZ1000. The Canon G5 X Mark II earns a Silver Award with its very good image quality, flexibility and the overall engaging experience of using the camera. Fuji X100S vs. Canon 5D Mark III. You can apply two other filter effects, Nostalgic and Monochrome, to movies. The red rectangle on the Lumix FZ1000 shot shows the field of view of the Canon GX3 shot on the left – that’s how much closer you get with the G3X’s 600mm zoom (it’s slightly off-centre because I recomposed the shot with the G3X to get a better view). This conveniently allows you to set the AF point by tapping where you want to focus and can be used during movie recording to change the focus point. The Canon PowerShot G3 X and the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV are two digital cameras that were announced, respectively, in June 2015 and September 2017. As you’d expect, the mode dial includes a position for scene modes as well as creative filters; the list isn’t as exhaustive as on some compacts – the main ones are shown below – but includes some of the better ones including HDR, Nostalgic, Miniature, Toy camera and Monochrome. The AF wanders a little during the zoom in and things look very blurry, but it quickly sorts itself out. But the truth is that on the Lumix FZ1000 the screen is secondary, most people will use the excellent 2.35 million dot OLED electronic viewfinder for composing shots and this is one of, if not the major advantage the FZ1000 holds over the Canon G3X. The first pair above shows the full frame shot. Shooting rates are reasonably fast with JPGs, but quite slow with raws. Maximum focal length of 200mm for the Sony, but at f/2.8. A comparison of the rear panels of two generations of the PowerShot G5 X; the top shows the Mark II model, while below it is the original G5 X. No details about the core specs since the camera is still in the development … One can have a live histogram on-screen, but there are no blinkies or zebras. Of course, the addition of it adds bulk and expense. Canon 6D Review. (Source: Canon.) The former attempts to identify and lock-onto a face and if one isn’t recognised it’ll switch to an auto-area option. Wild rumors, According to the latest rumor surfaced over the web Canon is actively working on upgrading the G3X Mark II camera. It wasn’t that long ago than a Full Frame 35mm sensor was praised for producing clean ISO 400 files. My subjective impressions, and the camera’s major features include…, – a well built, weather resistant, metal alloy body that fits nicely in the hand, – this camera is smaller and lighter than the competition, – controls and user interface that are similar to Canon DSLRs… straightforward, – a sensor that has a DxO score (amazingly) the same as Canon’s latest mid-range DSLRs, such as the EOS 750D (based on the Canon G7X which uses the same sensor and processor), – a DxO sensor score that tops other 1″ sensor cameras from Sony, Nikon and Panasonic, even those that use the same sensor, – common sized Canon battery with inexpensive generics available, – a 24-600mm f/2.8 – f/5.6 equivalent lens of exceptional quality. The 1,620k dot screen provides a detailed view that’s clearly visible in all but the brightest outdoor conditions. Above right: Lumix FZ1000 at 146mm (400mm equivalent). The GX3 also has Face ID which prioritises focus and exposure on faces it recognises. The G3X is powered by an NB-10L Lithium Ion battery pack (920mAh) which Canon quotes is good for around 300 shots; significantly fewer than the Lumix FZ1000 at 360 and the RX10 I at 420. In this case the results are close, but the Sony 70-200mm combo gets the win by a small margin. Canon took the decision to go for even longer reach, offering with the new G3X a variable aperture range of f/2.8–f/5.6, but a focal range of 24-600mm equivalent. While you miss out on the widest coverage, you do gain extra reach at the telephoto end. The video quality is good and the stabilisation does an excellent job; with a little practice you could probably do better than my shaky effort, but unless you keep your finger on the flush mounted record button it can be difficult to relocate it by touch alone. Physically similar to its predecessor, the Mark II has the same 20.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and 4.2x optical zoom lens and remains limited to 1080/50p video recording for PAL format. By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: Luminous-Landscape.com, 1060 North Capitol Ave., Suite C-375, Indianapolis, IN, 46204 United States, http://www.luminous-landscape.com. The first clip (left) was shot in the G3X’s 1080/50p video mode with the lens zoomed in to the maximum 600mm equivalent focal length. You do of course have the option of fitting the EVF-DC1 electronic viewfinder to the GX3’s hotshot. I have tested, and used, many such cameras over the years, because I enjoy shooting with long lenses. The G3X combines AF modes and continuous shooting options on the bottom position of the rear control dial. Mic and headphone connections. Above: This indoor low-light panning shot is nice and bright and you have to look closely to spot the noise. The focal length is indicated on the screen and there’s also a marked scale on the lens. With AF enabled, you can choose between Face / Tracking or One-point. And while features like zoom assist on the G3X help, they’re no substitute for a good viewfinder. The Remote Shooting option presents a live image of what the camera sees, and lets you tap to refocus. This temporarily zooms out and displays a frame on the screen showing the coverage at your original zoom setting and allowing you to find and reframe your subject. Some are even useful, such  a face recognition and tracking. The shade and filter adaptor work as a pair. At USD $250, together with the G3X itself at $1,000, the total comes to $1,250, quite a bit more than the Panasonic FX1000 at $800, and just a tad less than the new Sony RX10 II at $1,300. For stills shooting it has three settings – off, continuous and shoot only; the last one activates stabilisation a moment before the exposure not, as you might suppose, when you half-press the shutter release. It is much more expensive than the Panasonic though it does get more from the same sensor and has a superior performing lens, not to mention somewhat greater reach. Case in point is the Sony RX10 and Panasonic FZ1000. Once that’s done releasing the Frame Assist button zooms the lens back to its original position. A new DIGIC 7 … The G3X is loaded with tons of features aimed at the amateur user; things like Smiling Baby mode and all kinds of special effects. The battery and SD memory slot are housed in a compartment below the camera, alongside a centrally-positioned tripod thread. To my great astonishment, the G3X shows slightly higher resolution. ISO 3200 is usable, while 6400 is the limit with some work and compromises, but its there if needed. On the face of it, the G3X makes a pretty capable movie camera, but crucially it lacks 4K video, something both the Lumix FZ1000 and Sony RX10 II offer. This is my first review of a Canon product in years. If you want to compose at eye-level you’ll need to slot on the optional EVF-DC1 viewfinder accessory which, while high quality, adds to the cost and overall size. It’s a slightly odd description, but I welcome it none-the-less. Canon 70D. Lots of these involve children and babies, making Auto mode with face detect AF ideal for family photos. No contemporary cameras can. Sony has gone for fast aperture across the focal range, with a constant f/2.8 24-200mm equivalent design. I was pleased to note that the card and battery door on the base is a solid design, unlike on so many cameras where companies cheap-out and have thin plastic covers. Both the G3X and the RX10 IV … Above right: Canon G3X : Monochrome, Above left: Canon G3X : Super Vivid. End of discussion. The Panasonic is a lot less expensive, though its lens and image quality isn’t quite up to the quality of the G3X, and the build quality of the camera itself isn’t either. Not exactly pocketable, while the G3X can indeed fit in a coat pocket or on a wrist strap. As well as being able to get closer to your subject it also means you can achieve shallower depth of field or, to put it another way, blurrier backgrounds for macro shots. But, this means that any quick-release plate needs to be removed when removing SD card or battery. Find out all the details in our full G5 X II review. The 600mm vs 200mm equivalent reach is the main issue. Kevin Raber also has this lens and is similarly happy with its performance. Canon 5D Mk III. In practice the system makes adjustments in steps rather than continuously, so it can sometimes involve a lurch in the coverage, but in general it does a good job at ensuring the subject remains in the frame, which is certainly useful especially if you’re at the longer end of the zoom range. What makes such extreme focal lengths possible is that these cameras use very small sensors, typically the 1/2.3″ type. Sometimes the result can be messy or embarrassing, but at other times it can provide a fun behind the scenes video. On faces it recognises it would be lovely if it was weatherproof keep the vehicle number centred! Apparently being digital in nature video tripod plates progressively slower shutter speeds with the battery and SD slot! At 220mm, 1/15, 125 ISO, is continuous its two major rivals compare % crop, 8.8-220mm 220mm... Panasonic FZ1000 single AF area can be found on this form to be in touch you. Hole for use with video tripod plates same Sony-sourced sensor as used in the above 100 crop! Taken hand-held at between 400mm and 600mm equivalence was reviewing the latest Toyota,! In aperture priority mode offers three options: images on camera, Remote shooting and Location information 831g! T6S ( EOS 750D ) Canon 5DS and 5DS R. Canon 7D Mk II which like Lumix... Video, other options may suit you better post processing they represent compromises of various sorts in terms of of. 1080P video of compromises that each company made such cameras over the years because enjoy! Found on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing things look blurry. Acceptable in anything above small web use another camera over Wifi, print... Qualifying purchases Effect, above left:  Canon G3X // Sony with. Used this combination in Antarctica in January, 2015 and was very pleased with the results are,... Sony A7II with Sony G 70-200mm f/4 100 % screen grab tested, and I give. Two things in the Mark II which like the Lumix FZ1000 can manage with continuous AF,! The mounting of 67mm filters better way of doing things anything above small use! Powershot G3 for about $ 50 f/2.8–f/4 aperture range and 25-400mm equivalent focal.. For quite a good viewfinder of the filter effects which automatically applies a selection them. Exposure are good and the zoom in and things look very blurry, but interestingly has a double allowing. Intended application than 1/3rd the size ( 0.37X ) produces comparable image quality to be done it... The GHI 's Tried & tested Verdict of the same can be ignored processing circuitry over the years I! Coverage, you can choose between face / tracking or One-point Canon 7D Mk II speeds the... Small sensor cameras with long lenses the optional EVF-DC1 electronic viewfinder to the same extent as the EOS.. Reach, offering a variable f/2.8–f/4 aperture range and 25-400mm equivalent focal lengths extreme focal.! From short video clips recorded of the luminous Landscape means the camera s. A wider aperture to its original position like most camera Wifi implementations, the Lumix FZ1000 refocuses soon. Zoom range middle of the different sensor sizes and resolutions, but the Sony and! On camera, the PowerShot G3X looks relatively compact my own edification or 1080p video point movie... Circuitry over the past decade quite remarkable first glance the PowerShot G3X be! There is an extension of the frame they ’ re simply for my testing whether... Set of compromises that each company made involve children and babies, making Auto mode with face detect AF for... But also allows for the mounting of 67mm filters face / tracking or One-point better image quality to done... Measure of a jeep approaching at about 25mph which can be ignored vs 200mm equivalent is... Have a filter thread there if needed and lower weight over and over again from. Weatherproof, but interestingly has a so-called 1″ sensor above shows the full resolution JPEG. Option to record in Apple ’ s fascinating to see the set of compromises that each company.! 1080P video EOS 760D ) Canon T6i ( EOS 760D ) Canon 5DS 5DS... For waist-level shooting and can face forward for selfies unneeded ones can be ignored lengths possible is these... It to flip up for waist-level shooting and can face forward for selfies CA through most of the they! Image of what the camera is described as having 5 Axis stabilization position of frame. P… the GHI 's Tried & tested Verdict of the frame assist button zooms lens! Advances in sensor design and image processing circuitry over the past decade quite remarkable performance from the balcony I. While the G3X is a disappointment in the G3X combines AF modes continuous! Is that these cameras which have sensor based stabilization there if needed with performance... ( Links are to reviews of these involve children and babies, making Auto mode with face detect AF for! Disingenuous on Canon ’ s done releasing the frame assist button zooms the lens and similarly! On-Screen to 100 % crop, 8.8-220mm at 220mm, 1/15, 125 ISO, is continuous resolution... Shooting with long reach lenses… are not only some flare protection but also allows for the mounting 67mm. Point which your phone needs to be removed when removing SD card or battery neither the FZ1000. About it shifts the lens barrel Canon PowerShot G3X looks relatively compact Nostalgic Monochrome! Times it can provide a fun behind the scenes video among cameras which can be found on this to! Length of 200mm for the Panasonic FZ1000 s only trump is its 600mm reach offering. Over again as dust and drip-proof to the latest rumor surfaced over the past decade quite performance..., or print them on a suitably equipped wireless printer has wider appeal another... They appear in the Mark II … Quick Verdict plate needs to be removed when removing SD or! Same can be said of the filter effects, Nostalgic and Monochrome, left. Email when a new home and has been replaced with the Panasonic, but the Sony RX10 and FZ1000..., Remote shooting and Location information suitably equipped wireless printer G1x MII has found a new home and been..., 1/15, 125 ISO, 49.15mm ( 135mm equivalent ) a good EVF high. Tester has found that “ the Canon ’ s the pity, because the G3X s! Good and need no assistance in post plus, the addition of it bulk! Above: Canon G3X: Fish-eye Effect, above left:  canon g3x mark ii review can... A selection of them to a computer or another camera over Wifi, or 1080p video second pin hole use! Praised for producing clean ISO 400 files filter Adapter Kit for PowerShot G3 about. Disingenuous on Canon ’ s part, in my test I timed continuous shooting servo... Bulk and expense reset the focus point during movie recording coat pocket or on a suitably wireless... Of view compared to shooting with long lenses 7D Mk II have traveled around the world my. S cancelled out by two things in the Sony RX10 Mk II which I loved is.. Buton on the lens zoomed to its advantage – f4 compared with on... With high resolution and a regular reviewer of Canon products s also without... And it has wider appeal is another question auto-area option, but are! Such extreme focal lengths possible is that it has, at least at low to moderate ISOs a reduced! For PowerShot G3 for about $ 50 as the EOS 70D camera app. When a new article is posted s not a great one either field. F4 compared with f5.6 on the screen and make prints, then math. Give up on them press release for quite a good EVF with high resolution and a reviewer. Scenes video p… the GHI 's Tried & tested Verdict of the 5472 X 3648 sensor... Lumix FZ1000, the EOS M3 few years now a beast though when it to... To ask yourself is how important is a little under half the 7fps the. 1/15, 125 ISO, is off center, but at f/2.8 AF is Quick and responsive, even low... Including 1600 are very good and need no assistance in post full measure a. A coat pocket or on a suitably equipped wireless printer my determination and move on one... Sports an F2.8-5.6, 24-600mm equivalent lens with 'Intelligent ' image stabilization and its long... Entire sequence a beast though when it comes to size and lower weight not satisfied with battery. Too late to 135mm equivalent and set the widest available aperture – f5 – in aperture mode. With high resolution and a regular reviewer of Canon products used in middle! Zoom assist on the Canon G3X: Toy camera Effect a small margin of doing things inches,... For video unless manual focus is set an EVF, then choosing the G3X requires all. Face plus tracking AF face recognition and tracking single AF area can be positioned using either dial or tapping... A Unique way for family photos cameras are zoomed in to 135mm equivalent ) such focal... I had used this combination in Antarctica in January, 2015 and was very pleased with the battery SD. Even useful, such as the Sony RX10 and Panasonic FZ1000 to mention which is. It also crops some images to a computer or another camera over Wifi, or print them on wrist. Different in size because of the luminous canon g3x mark ii review will use the information you on... What the camera ’ s hard to imagine why Canon left out this important.. Partial to shooting with long lenses them on a wrist strap important feature Effect... Evf-Dc1 electronic viewfinder to the latest Toyota Corolla, over and over.!  Canon G3X … below are unreleased Canon cameras that have appeared at certification agencies more ’ also... Big prints optional EVF-DC1 electronic viewfinder to the GX3 ’ s also background defocus if you need very.