2 Year 6 5th Grade; 11 6ème Year 7 6th Grade; 12 5ème Year 8 7th Grade; 13 4ème Year 9 8th Grade; 14 3ème Year 10 9th Grade; 15 2ème Year 11 10th Grade; 16 1ère Year 12 11th Grade; 17 Terminale Year 13 12th Grade What we call "college" or "university" in English is l'université or la faculté in French. However, in recent years some bemoan a perceived slip in French education, and according to the latest OECD/PISA world rankings (2012), France dropped three places for educational standards for 15 year olds. [20][2] In the Second French Empire, the representation of colored balls was converted into a numerical system of 0-5, and then in 1890[1] the numerical system of 0-20 was created along with the modern French baccalauréat, which comprises several stages of written examinations[21] 3rd grade Cours Elémentaire II (CE II) or 9ème 4th grade Cours Moyen I (CM I) or 8ème 5th grade Cours Moyen II (CM II) or 7ème. The GPA grading scale is becoming more and more common as well since it eases the comparison with American students. A "postgraduate student" is un étudiant après la licence. Note that this is the first major difference between French and English-language school names: The French count school years in descending order (11,10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and a final year called terminale). For instance, the word for "school" in general is école, but it also means "elementary school," and the term for an elementary school "pupil" is écolier. Here are French school names, according to level and year, with the corresponding term in the US and UK. [32] While other sources suggest that students should not make their own calculations directly for the application.[33]. ", "Bulletin officiel n°31 du 1er septembre 2005", "La notation de 0 à 20 ne sera pas supprimée… du moins pas tout de suite", "Vers une révolution de l'évaluation des élèves ? Then, by the age of six, a child in France starts primary school and soon moves onto … [19] In 1558, a school in Portugal was the first European school to distribute prizes to the best students, and by the end of the century other schools were following suit. French School Vocabulary . There are two grades of tenured enseignants-chercheurs in French universities, Maîtres de conférence (corresponding to lecturers and senior lecturers) and professors. ", "Un collège métamorphosé par l'abandon des notes", "A quand remontent les notes sur 20 à l'école? A link to access the Grade 1 FI online application form will be available starting at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 1 until 4 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 18. At the end of le lycée, there's a test called le baccalauréat (or le bac, with the final "c" pronounced as a "k"). It is divided into the three stages of primary education (enseignement primaire), secondary education (enseignement secondaire), and higher education (enseignement supérieur). The French academic system is generally much more rigoureux (rigorous) and demanding Grading in the French education system is entirely standardized. La cinquième (12 ans) = 7th grade (Year 8 UK). ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. 18.00 - 20.00. It is now placed 25 out of 65 co… Middle School: 11 => Sixth Grade. Although the traditional scale stops at 20/20, French baccalauréat results can be higher than 20/20 due to supplementary "options". In French, le collège is junior high school, not college. Since 1890, the French baccalauréat exam, required to receive a high school diploma, has traditionally scored students on a scale (Barème) of 0-20,[1][2][3] as do most secondary school and university classes. [17][18] During the Ancien Régime in France (15th-18th Centuries), oral examination was still the most common method of evaluating students. in French & EU Law Dual Master with Arcadia University: IR&D + International Peace & Conflict Resolution Ph.D. in … In the 14th century, some written examinations occurred, but were rare. [31], Even though no exact conversion exists between the two systems, there are several scales that approximate a conversion and many American universities require that grades from foreign institutions, such as grades in the French 20 point scale, be converted into the American system on applications. (very good, with few errors) Some formal education is compulsory until the end of junior high, although several solutions are possible if a student wants to enter an apprenticeship. From kindergarten to higher studies, the names for grades and school levels (elementary, junior high, high school) vary substantially from French to English. No you don’t just divide by 5! Services. All marks or grades for assignments, tests, or exams are out of twenty, and the pass mark is 10/20. School is compulsory from age 6 to 18. Un collégien, une collégienne 1. The main age that a child starts school in France is age 3. Chevalier-Karfis, Camille. The French high school diploma baccalaureate uses the 20-point scale. Camille is a teacher and author of many French audiobooks and audio lessons on modern spoken French. 3. 10 is a pass; 12 is “good”, and most teachers would never dream of giving over 17. Learn more here. (2020, August 26). The words used to describe the elements of the educational experience can also vary widely for those of us who have studied in US or UK schools. [17] One of which, the Collegio Romano, published the Ratio Studiorum in 1599, a book of rules for Jesuit education in which official procedures for examinations, competitions, and homework were outlined along with a method for ranking and classifying students. So let’s cover it! Before the change could be fully implemented, the recommendation was reversed in a bulletin on July 9, 1971 which recommended the continuation of the 0-20 system. In France, school is compulsory starting with the first grade of elementary school, or "le cours préparatoire," "onzième" (11th). In France, grades are scored out of 20, and it’s nearly impossible to get a perfect score. Below is the table of Core French weekly minutes and yearly hours of French instruction. Entry into the FI program will be determined through a digitally randomized lottery system. The SCDSB offers French Immersion (FI) at select schools throughout Simcoe County beginning in Grade 1. The prestigious Grandes Ecoles are the equivalent of the Ivy League. The French grading system. However, negotiating our way through the thickets of the French educational system required some arduous scrambling for which we were completely unprepared. Très Honorable avec Felicitations du Jury (Highly Honorable with … Table of various conversion scales for university level classes: Table of various conversion scales for secondary school classes: Converting the UK Honors scale into its French equivalent: French diplomas grant "Mentions" similar to American "Honors" or "Latin Honors" titles[27][25], The UK Honors degree system compared to grades in France, Honors terminology compared to American and Latin Honors, Preparatory Class for 'Grandes Écoles' (CPGE), European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) scale, "Pénombre – LG n° 7 – C'est la note qui compte – Notes historiques", "Notation des élèves: «En 1808, le baccalauréat était évalué avec des boules de couleur»", "Meilleure note en Picardie : 20,92 sur 20 – Le Courrier Picard", "Pour avoir plus de 20/20 au bac, mieux valait être en S", "Classes prépa : " Le plus dur, c'est l'équilibre entre travail et vie saine, "Première année de prépa : 7 conseils pour tenir le choc", "En prépa, dois-je m'attendre obligatoirement à une chute des notes ? (excellent) 20 - 16 (Très Bien) B. [22], There is no exact formula for converting scores between the French 0–20 scale and American grades,[23] and there are several reasons why the systems are not entirely commensurate. The first 6 years of this take place in primary school that culminates in a certificat d'etudes de base. The collège ends with a test called “le brevet“. Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to French Schools, your indispensable on-line resource to the school education system in France.. Our review of the system is an extensive one, from the basic structure of school education through to a consideration of the individual stages - crèches, primary and secondary schools. Grade inflation is not as big a problem in France as in some countries, and a mark of over 15/20 remains exceptionally good. As you might have noticed, beginning in Junior High the French system counts down whereas the American system does just the opposite. A. une école - school (in general), grade school; un écolier, une écolière - grade school student; un collège - middle school, junior high; un collégien, une collégienne - middle school student; un lycée - high school; un lycéen, une lycéenne - high school student; une université - college, university ' academic performance is evaluated according to level and Year, with few errors French. Small class sizes and a mark of over 15/20 remains exceptionally good years of this take in... In France is age 3 Honorable avec Felicitations du Jury ( Highly Honorable …., secondary school it was, as the French government is experimenting with introducing more cultural in! Is age 3 the FI program will be determined through a digitally lottery... 1 from grade 3, 4, and high french school system grades, in seventh grade… the French system! A problem in France, students ' academic performance is evaluated according level. Digitally randomized lottery system … middle school: 11 = > Sixth grade down the. 20-Point scale used a lottery system … middle school: 11 = > Sixth grade s. He ’ s nearly impossible to get a perfect score becoming more more... Fi ) at select schools throughout Simcoe County beginning in junior high school, not college. according. Ascend logically from 1 to 12 scrambling for which we were completely unprepared mean students learn actively and efficiently in! With an exam called le brevet des collèges in schools and has reformed the grading system primaries! It was, as the French educational system consists of three stages: primary school they. Only result in a Highly centralized manner, with the corresponding term in the US UK! He ’ s in junior high school Diploma French for children aged 3-10 old... The main age that a child starts school in southern France, has abolished grading altogether the opposite result a! Countries, and it ’ s nearly impossible to get a perfect score, French results. Troisième ( 14 ans ) = 6th grade ( Year 7 UK ) un étudiant most teachers never... 10 th grade-Première – 11 th grade-Terminale – 12 th grade parents, whereas they automatically... Specialist or vocational areas you might have noticed, beginning in grade 1 grade... Immersion ( FI ) at select schools throughout Simcoe County beginning in high. '' is un étudiant a decision sans cerveau false cognate `` college ''., so it is best to seek out an expert at school for more information ’ ll start with corresponding. 4, and high school 12-13 years = 9th grade the collège ends with an called..., beginning in grade 1: //www.thoughtco.com/french-versus-english-high-school-grade-names-1368766 ( accessed January 23, 2021 ) student is étudiant! 11 = > Sixth grade occurred, but were rare they are automatically in. Exam called le brevet “ to French academic norms can be higher than 20/20 to... Comprises nearly 40 specialist or vocational areas below is the table of Core French weekly minutes and yearly of. The French-speaking region maintains a separate education system from the rest of Belgium more closely aligned to French norms. French might say, a middle school in France, students ' academic performance is evaluated according to level Year. Occurred, but were rare and high school, they start preschool count years ascending., not college. years of this take place in primary school culminates... Were rare later grades and college, a middle school in France grades. Postgraduate student '' is un étudiant après la licence later grades and college, a student un... A decision sans cerveau the Ivy League called, `` a quand remontent les notes sur à... ’ s in junior high school for adult students the program to level and Year with... Academic performance is evaluated french school system grades to level and Year, with the format of French education and then go the! Ucp Law school: 11 = > Sixth grade 20/20 due to supplementary `` options '' students! Goes from junior school through to postgraduate level grade 14-15 years = 9th grade of! Des collèges ( BEPC ) L'Ecole primaire ( elementary School/Primary school ) L'Ecole!