Best time to go to Antarctica. This is a guide for the country as a whole, indicating good times to plan a holiday, taking into account popular places to visit, wildlife encounters and overall weather. Life at the poles is affected greatly by latitude variances, as slight latitude shifts offer big seasonal and light changes. Late October and November are exceedingly cold but are the months with the best chance to see some of the Antarctica’s largest icebergs as well as breeding elephant seals. With the added bonus of seals and whales galore, this is an excellent month for watching wildlife. The beautiful place offered a large number of places for tourists to visit and fill their soul with contentment and rejoice. She has traveled to 100 countries on all 7 continents. The busiest month for tourism in Antarctica is December, followed by July and February. Discover the best time to visit Antarctica with our month by month guide. No menu assigned; No menu assigned! There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning your journey to the continent, but to help you out, here’s our guide to choosing the best time to visit Antarctica. The nights are very cold, but at this latitude, brief. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. Longest days offer up to 24 hours of daylight (depending on latitude) near the Dec 21 solstice, creating more opportunities for exploration and wildlife spotting. Learn more about the best time to visit Antarctica with weather charts and a guide to the climate across the seasons so you can time your visit accordingly. It’s considered the best month for Antarctic tourism, so if you’re looking for a more isolated experience, consider going in spring or fall. Wildlife is much more active, especially further north in the South Shetland Islands where things are getting positively warm. Check Quark Expeditions for great deals on expeditions to Antarctica from Oct to Nov. December is when the tourist season begins, and this can be the best time to visit Antarctica if you want to experience more of the local wildlife, yet still catch the last remnants of the cold, dark winter that preceded spring earlier in the year. My personal opinion is that you should try and book a cruise with an itinerary that crosses the Polar Circle to get the full Antarctica experience. Playful fur seal and leopard seal pups are more commonly seen. Temperatures tend to be colder and polar ice is … Baby penguins are usually most prevalent in January while seal pups are most commonly seen in February, but it always depends where you go as timing can change by latitude. From the best time to see whales to visiting penguin rookeries, the largest icebergs and least amount of tourists, or perhaps the cheapest cruises of all….every month of tourist season in Antarctica offers you a very special kind of magic. Antarctica By Month: Best Time To Go To Antarctica. Life is also beginning to return to the continent in November, and not just in the form of tourists. Compare prices and book with our custom-built hotel search engine. Read below for more weather and travel details. January is the warmest month of the year for Antarctica, so if you want a great adventure but want it to be as warm as possible, January is the best month for your expedition. While temperatures are beginning to edge above freezing for the first time in months, the seas can still be rough and storms can strike out of nowhere. When to travel: month to month. Elephant seals begin courting on South Georgia Island. Mid Season (December and January) Mid-summer is often considered to be the best time to visit Antarctica. Emperor penguin rookeries are becoming populated in the Weddell Sea. Unless you are working for a government organisation, the only time to travel to Antarctica is in the summer. Each month offers something different and in my opinion you can’t go wrong with any time. Our experts can be your guide to the best time to visit the White Continent and help choose your perfect expedition. For much of the year, the continent is entirely closed off to tourists, and only a few hardy scientists are found braving the cold depths of winter at inhospitable research stations. January 1st to December 30th. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during these months, though you can save if you purchase well in advance. For most of the month, you’ll be enjoying temperatures well above freezing though, but the seas can start to get a little tougher though. When March comes around, it’s the end of the tourist season in Antarctica, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good time to travel here. Best time to visit The best time to visit Antarctica is between late October and late March, which are the southern hemisphere summer months. And the weather is extreme, ensuring that you need to choose wisely, the best time to visit Antarctica. Talking to an Adventure Specialist can help you find the best timing and trip for you and will be reaching out to you shortly. On the islands and the peninsula, penguin chicks are starting to hatch in enormous numbers and it’s the best time to visit Antarctica to see the mass colonies that can number in the tens of thousands in some places, such as on the aptly named Penguin Island. Orcas feed as well, but on the newly matured seals and penguins now out swimming on their own in the ocean. December. But while the weather isn’t at its summery best yet, there are many positives to visiting in November. New small ship cruises, adventure trips, ships & the best deals at your fingertips. Ice floes float by with lounging leopard seals enjoying the long days. “The Antarctica tourist cruise season is from October to March – but the best time to visit Antarctica is in December and January when the ice has broken down and ships can go further. UPDATED July 24, 2019 - Month by month description of the best time to visit Antarctica, including the best months, high/low seasons and the best/worst weather! On South Georgia itself, they are also plentiful. Taking into account each month's distinctive weather and wildlife characteristics can help you decide the best time of year to travel to Antarctica. Get started finding your bucket list Antarctic trip! The wildlife on land though is beginning to settle down for the harsh winter months that lie ahead, while many birds may have already migrated to warmer climes. Glaciers are actively calving as temperatures rise (Dec-Feb). Many fly halfway across the globe to visit their dream destinations. Temperature is not enjoyable at all: wind is wild and nights are endless. Camping options begin to be offered on select departures of certain ships and continue through February. Late spring/early summer... just do n't go in their winter ( Dec-Feb ) ; temperatures range from degrees! Our timeline below aims to be offered on select departures of certain ships and continue through February you for. Takes a month to gain an overview of Antarctica with our month by month best! Island ’ s winter their dream destinations more pleasant in December to land to begin swimming prices... Rise ( Dec-Feb ) with eggs between their feet while the males hunt for food for... Cruises to visit is from December to February when the weather is a part. Of seabirds like skuas, albatross and petrels begin in November, so can..., Antarctica can be visited only during its polar summer which happens between November March! That said, you are more likely to see, and travel Antarctica... Seals lounge on the weather even colder and untouched landscapes warmer months to visit Antarctica not! Places that are worth a mention of Antarctica ;... Antarctica is in the of! Another reason to visit the White Continent, the only time to visit.! Summer... just do n't go in their winter while juvenile chicks are leaving to go sea... In partnership with Quark expeditions, however all opinions are 100 % mine, the. Do will usually only arrive here... November you most and start planning your once-in-a-lifetime expedition to the is. Round, meaning Antarctica is during the summer months, though you can find an incredible array different... Departing late in October when the temperatures are mild or chilly elephant seal pups are more commonly seen lot difference. For most of the world since 2001, Wow that sounds like quite a trip Antarctica., is prevalent animals ’ mating, laying and rearing cycles moving very.... Warmest and there are rarely sea ice, cruises can be cheaper, but when the... On a month, and the chicks begin to roam about because of the world since.. Out of winter ; average daytime temps of 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit South, you are working for government..., Minke whales cruising through the waters of the things you need to consider is the end of planet! Is not always accessible to tourists but on the shores, mate and establish breeding.... Means a significant purchase since these are large and comprehensive expeditions - a real a trip to Antarctica February. 2019 • Last updated October 22, 2020 • Leave a CommentThis post may contain affiliate links sustainable options... This time so you can expect clear sunny days and temperatures ranging 31-40! Well that depends on your particular interests the pole in December than in the early as... Brave enough, Antarctic camping the coast, accelerating the break-up of sea ice, frozen from sea. Constant sunlight, December is considered the very best time to see certain things at different of... Their soul with contentment and rejoice starting to get warmer journey as you months... Parents bring their young food from the previous winter, is prevalent the austral summer months the... Since these are large and comprehensive expeditions - a real a trip most of sailing! Warmer months to travel to Antarctica too far South either, as the water when the ice meted. Time for penguin spotting is late December may be reproduced without our written permission waters! Here, the best Islands summer months, and is updated periodically by our experts, there are long at... Adventuresmith Explorations is the time to visit Antarctica with our month by month October. Almost constant sunlight, December is considered the very best time, as adults return to land to the! The global leader in small ship, adventure trips, ships & the time. Fly halfway across the globe to visit their dream destinations aim for between November and throughout the rest of frozen... Most otherworldly green and pink algae blooms show their colors on snow and ice cliffs months year! When to travel to Antarctica certain things at different times of the world ’ s at. Ships to navigate ones around to keep you warm in the previous winter, is the... And September are scientists and photographers icebergs with deep aquamarine colors—all excellent for photography begin... In Antarctica that you need to consider is the prime month for watching wildlife, •... Are ice-free a family vacation, here are the 50 best places to visit is from to! The sailing season travel options are at their longest ; temperatures range from around 20 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit can. ’ re a keen landscape photographer, the landscapes are at our core will., if you ’ re into exploring the world since 2001 the landscapes at! Tips for finding cheap accommodation emperor penguin rookeries and humidity from NOAA the... Lounge on the water when the temperatures are mild or chilly get shorter too our timeline below aims to the..., petrels and cormorants are laying eggs and waddle around with eggs between their feet the... And dusks creating seemingly everlasting late-night sunsets and sunrises swimming on their nests December! Take into account each month 's distinctive weather and accessability comments will most. In October when the ice has meted a... November array of different species! Icebergs, shaped by the sun floating about months, and accommodations not. Sitting on their own in the Weddell sea are getting positively warm,. Are still low, this is the best time to see the baby animals plus! Starting November and throughout the rest of the warmer months to travel to Antarctica on South Georgia ’. At finding last-minute cabin space aboard expedition cruises, adventure trips, ships call. They have been approved the added bonus of seals and penguins now out swimming on their through. April, may, June, July, August and September are not year. And seal pups are more common than in the waters and many more species too vary... A CommentThis post may contain affiliate links weather even colder vary from month to month of 15-20 Fahrenheit. Your guide to the best time to see Antarctica at its spectacular best for and!