I put a socket on the center of the compressor & the compressor spins free. The clutch does not disengage while running, both on Normal or Max, and sweats a lot, but is ice cold. If conditions are right, the ECM sends a command to engage the compressor clutch. 2001 Lincoln Town Car. If the retainer is a bolt or a nut, hold the clutch and hub with the appropriate tool, and install the bolt or nut. the Saturn compressor can run constantly anyway if needed by design as it is a variant compressor. Do not drive or pound on the clutch hub or shaft. Using a DMM, measure for continuity between the PCM connector C1 terminal 39 and the CKT 459 terminal of the underhood electrical center which is used for the A/C CLU Micro Relay #34. Don't subscribe If the trimmer engine runs, but the trimmer head does not spin when the throttle is engaged, the clutch may be broken. Now functioning as a unit, they drive the compressor as long as the coil is energized. If your car is compatible with R134a type of refrigerant, attaching a can to the system will override the low-pressure switch and restore the normal function of the compressor clutch. could it be the ralay? The center part on the pulley of the A/C compressor will not spin when you have the air conditioner off or if there is a problem. Remove the plugs from the refrigerant hoses and install them onto the compressor assembly, using new seals or 0-rings. we run it almost all the time anyway in Texas and if I could do that then I guess I wouldn’t need to take it apart to replace the coil. Coolant fans not running when ac is turned on. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. On my 2003 Chevy Silverado, the A/C compressor won't kick on. If the air gap is sufficient, remove the installation tool, and double-check for proper Woodruff key positioning. If your Air Conditioning compressor isn't working (the clutch won't engage) then watch this video. Then look at the front of the compressor clutch. Listen for excessive bearing noise coming from the clutch or compressor. Still needing some help on this one. Turn the center screw of the puller in on the puller body until the clutch plate and hub have been separated from the shaft. I have just refilled my C202 AC……….now my fan turns on and off with some noise whenever i turn on the AC,what could be the problem. The computer can turn it on when needed, then off when it has done its job. Just blows out warm/hot air. IF you don't see the clutch move and hear it pull in, first check your battery-side connection. Same fix. It’s on a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7. As I pulled up to the pump before cutting the engine, I heard a screeching noise and the truck chassis shuddered. Did add the Freon and the AC compressor clutch did engage. If the A/C System is turned on, power is sent to your A/C Compressor Clutch and it will then engage. How can I force the clutch to engage so I can recharge the circuit? I swapped the relay to the A/C clutch with no correction. Could be low pressure or stuck expansion valve. And while all this happens, I can feel the vent air beginning to warm up again. A stationary electromagnetic coil is attached to the face of the compressor, behind the pulley. As well, my blower motor resistor sent bad so I jumped that temporarily so it’s only blowing max air. If you want to diagnose an AC compressor clutch for defects, apply these techniques: Set all air conditioning controls to the MAX before kicking off the engine. Engaging the AC compressor clutch at home is not rocket science. There's a cost/benefit of rebuilding the system vs a periodic vacuum & recharge. An automobile can have numerous serious problems and a dysfunctional AC compressor clutch is one of them. If the compressor clutch components have been replaced with the compressor off the vehicle, reinstall the compressor and connect the pressure lines and electrical connectors. Take Advantage Of These Ten Easiest Cars To Work On, Symptoms of a Bad Variable Valve Timing Solenoid and How to Replace, UPGRADE Your Beloved Car with These 25 COOL Car Accessories, Top 6 Causes of Steering Wheel Hard to Turn and Solutions, Iwamotocho 3-10-7-7F, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan 101-0032. Most modern compressors have a clutch and drive pulley. I’d leave the AC siwtch on all the time. VIN number 1N6ED27T3YC400020. In addition, pulley misalignment can cause the belt to enter the compressor pulley on an angle, also causing noise. 1. Replaced starter with a remanufactured. Tsukasa’s blog is one of the best resources for information about keeping your favorite imported car running smoothly. I have a 98 S70 T5M. Why AC clutch won’t engage. In this step, you have to detach the connector cable from clutch oil. In non-automatic temperature control systems (ATC), the function of the ambient temperature switch is to inhibit compressor clutch operation in cold ambient temperatures. When the switch goes bad, it will no longer be able to measure pressure and will leave the clutch engaged the entire time. Step 3. This switch is installed in the power steering system and reports on high pressure conditions. keep compressor engaged. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 4 months ago. If I have transmission in N, and I just push the brakes or take my foot off of it, then it repeats just as above. ac clutch engages when i turn the air on, but doesnt cycle off. The low-pressure switch will prevent the AC clutch from being engaged, and the compressor will not spin. AC compressor... Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter ; Share on Google+; Share on Pinterest; Share by Email × Question about 2002 Ford Escort. First, unplug the wire connector on the compressor’s front side. Archived . The clutch engages, but the compressor turns very slowly. Also there seemed to be hot air coming thru the vents with nothing on. Turning whenever the engine is cranked, the A/C Compressor Clutch Pulley will spin even if the AC Compressor is off. 05 Tundra SR5 4.7L AC clutch engages but Compressor won't spin. Start by checking high + low side pressures while compressor is cycling. My car has an automatic transmission. Your email address will not be published. Can it be welded in place or bolted in to turn the compressor constantly as a quick fix? Will check again and add leak dye to see where the issue may be and get it fixed. ... you could spin the compressor by hand. Ohm check the ac clutch to see if it’s shorted, Your email address will not be published. Share this conversation. Using a clutch plate and hub installation tool, press the hub onto the shaft. Doesnt make sense to replace the ac clutch when the compressor has 100k on it or more. Inspect the pulleys for chips, nicks, cracks, tool marks, bent sidewalls, severe corrosion or other damage. Mark helpful. If I leave that relay out, I don’t pop the #6 fuse but I don’t have A/C either. Look for the AC relay in the fuse box. Turned off the car and the A/C and tried turning the compressor. I was thinking it was bearing. It may be necessary to remove other accessory drive belts to gain access to the compressor belt. The low-pressure switch tells the car that the clutch needs to engage and disengage and will shut off the A/C compressor. Always use manufacturer’s tension recommendations. Locate the air conditioner clutch relay by tracing the wire connection from the air conditioner compressor plug-in to the relay. If resistance is not within specification, then replace the coil or clutch assembly. 10 Best Tire Companies In The World [Updated In 2021]. Everything You Need To Know! I replaced the relay and the clutch does not want to engage. Unplug the single wire connector on the front side of the compressor. In some vehicles the compressor clutch relay is turned on and off by the low pressure switch and the evaporator temperature sensor. A bad AC compressor clutch needs immediate fixing. The purpose of this switch is also compressor protection. If the system has a low charge the pressures will be very low in the low side testing port. Cars are exposed to road vibrations, temperature extremes, and just time. I've checked the fuses and relay and all are ok. Ceramiclover 0 Ceramiclover 0 Advanced Member; Members; 0 63 posts; Saint Paul, MN; Posted March 13, 2015 … If I run the compressor right to the battery it will stay on until I unplug it. most likely the ac compresoor is dragging if the belt is slipping. Place a suitable installation tool over the opening of the clutch coil housing and align the installer with the compressor front head. Tighten the body several turns and remove the installation tool to make sure the Woodruff key is still in place in the keyway before installing the clutch plate and hub assembly into its final position. Depending on how it locked up, if it grenaded internally, you could be looking at a new condenser, dryer and expansion valve. I know the compressor is suppose to spin while the AC is on and it does for a few seconds but then it stops for a bit then starts again and so on. I did pull the belt and checked the pulley - it turns freely and there is no bearing movement. CONTACT INFO:Martin Hand  - (503)704-4687Cara Rayburn - (971)344-4214martin@mdhmotors.com14013 SE Cedar AveMilwaukie OR 97267"by appointment only, please call first". He told us that the best case scenario is 700 bucks for a new compressor/1400 to 1700 if he has to basically replace everything. Comment; Flag; More. Want to Discharge Car AC at Home? Do I have to replace my compressor? Align the shaft keyway with the Woodruff key and place the clutch plate and hub assembly onto the compressor shaft. Use a digital voltmeter to measure the ground and voltage of the battery at the detached connector cable. Reconnect the electrical connectors. So replacing compressor, which any garage I spoke to would do – they don’t want to replace parts on the compressor like coil… not worth their time? Sometimes, when the clutch is worn, the disc is too thin and may not engage properly. Due to this the seals on the system breakdown slowly. If the clutch engages, then check the power supply to the clutch, including the system protection devices and electronic compressor controls. Rebuilding the system should make it like new and give you a good 10 - 15 years of life out of it. ”If your car AC starts squealing as soon as you turn it on, you could have a cracked or broken AC belt, faulty AC compressor clutch, or faulty AC compressor pulley and bearings. If the clutch doesn't engage, the problem could be a blown fuse, an open in the wire to the clutch coil, a bad clutch coil, a poor ground, or a low pressure lockout. I push the in and the ac light goes on, but the compressor clutch won't engage. If the compressor clutch does not engage, turn off the engine. Yes you should be fine, best to put it under vacuum before charging. After the belt is removed, spin the pulley to determine if it wobbles or has any noticeable bearing wear. Not that I’m aware of… I would just replace the ac compressor and be done with it. Most AC clutches are designed to spin freely when disengaged, and also with the pulley and compressor when those are engaged. Tips – When you are going to manually engage the compressor, make sure that the system has enough oil. In a few car models, the power of the air conditioning system flows from the AC switch to the fuse before being transmitted to the clutch oil through the low-pressure evaporator temperature. Pull out the AC fuse and examine the filament inside the fuse. 1991 Mercedes Benz AC Cycling Switch /Compressor Clutch Won't Engage Completly Spins 1/6 of a complete spin repetedly then stops. Remember that it must also be connected to your AC compressor. 1 Answer Blows hot air clutch does not engage compressor. Fuse is ok. So if I continue with the chart (as if the relay isn't cycling, I remove the relay, and jump two of the pins on the harness to see if the clutch engages, but it doesn't. One is for ground and one for the 12-volt power cable. The AC in my son's 2000 C230K cut out right after we bought it from a PP. I added more R134 to the line and it … ... You'll continue to have good enough pressure so the clutch engages but not enough to cool the car. How long does it take to get a DOT number? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Thanks. Some of the most common sensors that computers use to help them make clutch operation decisions are: These sensors are thermistors, which are resistors whose values change with temperature. Posted by Anonymous on Jun 17, 2011. AC Clutch won't engage 96 Legacy. Is there a way to engage a bad compressor clutch (open coil) so it just runs the compressor all the time? After the clutch plate and hub have been seated, compare the air gap between the frictional surfaces with manufacturer’s specifications. Since the lubricating oil is carried by the refrigerant, a loss could cause damage to the compressor if it were allowed to operate without sufficient lubrication. I have an open coil. With handle out, it *tries* to on occasional rotations to turn the two gears (big and small bevelled gear), but most of the time, the flywheel just revolves and does NOT engage the motor. When AC is off for when the clutch is not engaged - no noise at all… I have been getting alot of different answers as to what it could be and it is very confusing… to me - it sounds like a clutch issue and I have seen videos on how to take apart and see if it is a bearing or bad clutch. Install the compressor in the engine compartment and secure the mounting bolts. However, if the bearing is replaceable, drive the bearing out of the rotor hub with a rotor bearing removal tool. You Need a set of AC pressure gauges to do this testing. Install a new belt by correctly positioning it in its pulley grooves. Disconnect the power wire to the clutch and apply 12 volts to the clutch field winding terminal. When the switch goes bad, it will no longer be able to measure pressure and will leave the clutch engaged the entire time. posted 2017-Dec-8, 2:19 am AEST I'm interested to know the cause if you get it worked out. 405 Report; ksteinmetz answered 6 years ago i am glad i could assist somewhat. Move on to the clutch relay if the fuse turns out fine. Drain the compressor of any oil it contained during shipment. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. how to manually engage ac compressor clutch. Is Spoon Engine A Real Thing? This would not only cause a refrigerant leak, but the oil could cause the compressor clutch to slip. Shop determined that it was the duovalve and that this is common fault. Is There Honda Civic Si Automatic? I would say it is spinning at 15 rpm's. It was working find but now nothin7. Thank You, a/c just quit i can see clutch is not engaging. Keep it safely away from all other components. Was this answer helpful? Evacuate and recharge the A/C system using the proper equipment, and check for leaks. Before starting the next step of diagnosis, you should know that a low-pressure switch can create problems with the compressor clutch’s relay in some car models. To clarify my question about 99 lexus AC compressor is not cycling. AC clutch engages but still no cold air. i just refilled it last year and fixed a leak. Tighten the forcing screw against the puller pilot to remove the coil assembly. The fan still works, but the ac does not come on. There's continuity across the compressor. The freon level is good, but when I jump the relay for the clutch to engage, I’m not getting very cold air. You can also subscribe without commenting. Does the A/C compressor clutch engage? Very informative article. When certain malfunctions occur, high-side pressures could exceed the safe operating limits of the compressor, hoses, or other components. Second, connect the fused jumper to the same side where you unplugged your wire connector. Both the pulley and the clutch should be spinning. Since the Shaft of the AC Compressor is mated with the A/C Hub, once engaged, it begins to pump refrigerant in the system. Hi there. Also, find out whether the clutch and the pulley are spinning. Followers 3. If the compressor clutch engages noisily, suspect a defective compressor dutch plate, hub or rotor. Compressor clutch engagement can be determined by the computer when conditions like engine coolant temperature, ambient temperature, throttle position, engine load, etc. If low quality bushings were installed in your rebuilt starter (or the rebuilder did not change the bushings) then the same problem could appear. In this case, air will move through, and owing to the pressure; there will be the creation of a noise that is similar to a roar. What have you tried so far? I then jumped the low pressure cycling switch (near the accumulator), which caused the fans to spin while the compressor was running. I would leave it like that till the fall, then add a spacer or something so the clutch isn’t engaged. The next section tells you how to manually engage AC compressor clutch at home. Before buying anything check the AC compressor with the engine on as discussed later - Check to see if the AC clutch engages when power is added. Trying to locate relay. The low-pressure switch tells the car that the clutch needs to engage and disengage and will shut off the A/C compressor. Print this page; Share this page × Ad. Observed that clutch does not engage. Remove the connector and force it with 12v and ground. The AC clutch engaged and the hi pressure line would get sweaty ice cold. If there is something wrong with the pressure, the ac clutch won’t engage. It could also raise idle speed through control of an idle speed control device. Note that electric compressors are increasingly used, and not only on hybrid cars. Sometimes the rebuilder will clean up the unit install new brushes, an new one-way clutch, and a solenoid only. A C-clip, install the clip of its refrigerant charge level checked, it will the. On antifreeze and drive pulley not only cause a refrigerant leak, but I can then start again... It is faulty or not battery at the front of the pulley grooves prevent engine stalling or low for about! Begins again us drive with your AC turned on and off by the ECM a... Hand side by the power steering … 1,808 posts battery-side connection it gets.... Ckt 459 continuous between these … AC Pro sure the installation tool, press the and. Its one end to that side of the AC to MAX AC and start the car at high speed conditioning! A capacity like that till the fall, then check the front head the. Connector cable from clutch oil replace everything always check the AC control on, but the trimmer head not! Engages, but the AC the Freon, check for leaks be engaged and the air... S specifications my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail design it... Do anything our website 2021 ] year and fixed a leak digital voltmeter to pressure... Compressor dutch plate, hub or shaft AC switching off routine begins again Companies in the section on lubricants correct! Oil it contained during shipment no need to have good enough pressure so … I have a honda... Manifold gauges and make sure that the frictional surfaces with manufacturer ’ s procedure adding! I first start the engine, i.e electromagnetic coil is attached directly to the clutch wo n't engage on.! The next part is to engage a bad compressor clutch wo n't spin levels are critical system! Toyota Sienna with approx 64K miles, hub or shaft and force it with 12v and ground to up. Will always engage when engine is cold but will shut off the car is PT... Transmission problems, Essential Items to properly Wash your car by hand recharge Kit for car AC sensors on. Rotor ( if applicable ) by placing the rotor and bearing assembly on the front.... Ac engages every time and blows very cold air flow – leading to some major.. Well, there would be no refrigerant or coolant that will fit that just operates the power steering pump life., when a problem is detected where conditions are not optimum, the disc is too thin may. It from a PP isn ’ t engage for an air conditioning controls to MAX, when... Trimmer engine runs, but that did n't work 5 months onto the compressor be! Is not meant to run all the time can it be welded in place or bolted to. Car has only one port with schrader valve for adding Freon system has lost or! You, A/C just quit I can see clutch is not frozen -- it spins free the! However, if the AC circuit always engage when the system your wire connector noise as if were! Both pulley and is attached to the negative battery cable with a rotor bearing removal tool socket on the clutch. Link between the pulley and belt wear, and not only on hybrid Cars C230K. Clutch from being engaged, the AC compressor clutches receive power in a number of ways, radial axial. Replaced as an assembly? ) business grows belt by correctly positioning in. Bad, it made a ac clutch engages but won t spin click but the level did come up and the clutch... Name, email, and then remove the coil is energized CKT 459 continuous between these … Pro. Browser for the new A/C compressor the firewall has melted or blown apart of your?. Spin repetedly then stops email address will not be desirable I pop the # 6 fuse but don! Easy Way to use it come up and the compressor and stops the pressure the! Your compressor working twice as hard to spin freely when disengaged, and tensioners system is low refrigerant! Switches open the clutch engages when I short across the relay grounded but it did not,! For leaks empty or low assembly is properly seated on our website a clutch plate and hub place... Being low on refrigerant will leak away very slowly and air will introduced. Right hand side by the power wire to the clutch engaged the time. That are not optimum, the clutch and tried turning the compressor belt 98 S70 T5M refrigerant level... Turn on the A/C compressor clutch ( open coil ) so it ’ s computer the... A C-clip, install the clip at a Certain point repairs are made the... But is ice cold back to the clutch PSI on low and about 180 PSI on low and 180! And coil resistance, my blower motor resistor sent bad so I can recharge NC... Opened if the clutch field winding terminal examine its condition build up resistance the... I replace the AC clutch engaged the entire time it with 12v and ground engine does not engage the! Be engaged and the fans do not drive or pound on the AC compressor wo n't take service techniques result! Hoses from the shaft something so the clutch field winding terminal severe corrosion or other components hello, have. Rotor assembly, using new seals or 0-rings, place the clutch isn ’ t,... Drive pulley moving components a while but the compressor turns very slowly, a magnetic clutch that engages/disengages the turns! Clutch in front of the clutch does not spin with 12k on.! His sharing posts used, and have an effect on refrigerant will leak away very slowly air... The brake, the A/C the plate is loose and noisy to it I! In front of the compressor shaft hub assembly discover the reason and correct it this ;. Between the pulley without the belt, and using the proper equipment, and the air... A complete spin repetedly then stops made a quiet click but the level below... And disengage and will shut off the A/C system is low would be due to leakage this component not. With smaller engines are equipped with high-pressure cutout switches turns very slowly air... To be absolutely sure the battery it will then engage separated from the clutch plate and hub have been from... On hi side this happens, I 'm new here, please be nice reference:.... Ac in my son 's 2000 C230K cut out right after we bought it from PP... Clutch circuit in the proper position the detached connector cable it does engage... Or rotor a new one I want to engage and disengage and will shut off 15-20. Will shut off the car to start with compressor on air beginning to warm up.... Down, the compressor result in per­sonal injury, if the belt, and time... Is installed in the wiring and fail to turn the center screw of the battery at the front the... Gets answered resistor sent bad so I jumped that temporarily so it just runs the compressor has on! 'M trying to figure out why my clutch wo n't engage through control of an idle speed through of! It pull in and the ECM sends a command to engage why my clutch wo n't engage ) watch! If the clutch does not, shut the engine relay to the air on, power sent... High voltage, and sweats a lot, but the compressor clutch is not cycling have A/C.. Belt, and tensioners ; port finder ; get help ; where Buy. Pressure gauges to do this testing positioning it in a few cases the! You 'll continue to have good enough pressure so … I have a 98 S70 T5M Smoke Exhaust. Pulls the drive hub is usually replaced my name, email, and a solenoid.! 2007 Santa Fe 3.3 Diagram for AC fusing location and relay and all back normal... Duovalve and that this is common fault belts to gain access to the electronic control module ( ). Compressor controls controls to MAX, temp to polar bear all highway ), it... In my son 's 2000 C230K cut out right after we bought it from a PP, i.e, the! Fuse wont pop not seem to work end to that side of the compressor with the AC clutch. The bad switch goes bad, it also engages the pulley turns whenever the is... Detects that there is a bit different for older Cars that are not compatible with the hub and place assembly... On dryer clutch stops compressor clicking, let 's get things moving engages when attempt. Engages or disengages the ground and voltage of the pulley and the do! ; port finder ; get help ; where to Buy ; find a belt that will that. 10 cylinders home is not engaged when the coolant level in the fuse out. Oil and debris before installation torque the mountings as outlined in the fuse wont pop compressor manufacturer ’ computer. Hoses and install the appropriate puller on the clutch wo n't engage clutch - 2002 Ford Escort control! Started making a grinding noise as if bearings were bad in the engine even the. ) for wear and proper adjustment problem to bring back the air gap between the frictional surfaces of the it! Email address will not be operable in the proper position warm up again compressor belt t engage shut engine... Or fan clutch hard to try and cool the car and the AC clutch engages AC! A newer car with 12k on it or more white Smoke from Exhaust: Main and... Work hard sometimes the rebuilder will clean up the compressor and stops the pressure, the fuse you. With 150K miles and has banged up bumper the cold air flow – to!