With a CD/DVD player means that files can't be edited or removed on the discs after burning. Type Bootsect.exe /nt60 E: and then Press the ENTER key. This guide focuses on how to create Windows To Go from a CD/DVD drive, so please read this guide carefully before creating Windows To Go. Lory Gil. Is it just plain not possible to boot from a CD/DVD drive that is set in BIOS as SATA/AHCI mode? You can put about 7.5 hours of CD Audio .WAV files on a DVD. Thanks, Jim My System Specs. Certain computer applications also allow a user to compress files or change their file type before placing the data on the recordable CD. Also you can burn all of them to DVD and use it in standard DVD players. You can find a plethora of USB DVD drives at any electronics retailer. DVD-RW and DVD-R are the most common format for DVDs. Regardless of whether you use a Mac or Windows, erasing a DVD is easy as long as you … Whereas a CD-R usually has a storage limit of 10 to 20 songs, a DVD-R can store up to 100 songs. 7 years ago. Data CD. Erase a CD/DVD disc in Windows 10. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. If you are trying to put a dvd length movie on cd's you'll need to use more than one cd in all probablity. Format a CD-R or CD-RW in Windows 7 or 8. While all the other DIY uses for old CDs and DVDs are exciting for you, this one is for your kids. I personally use a separate CD changer because I do not like the slow loading times of typical DVD players, and I like using a changer to play long pieces of music that continue on multiple CDs. The device must support the file types that you add to the disc, such as WMA, MP3, JPEG, or Windows Media Video (WMV). Where D: is the drive letter of the optical Drive. You CAN burn CD audio to a DVD, but it won't play in any stereo (only a computer). Kerry56 2003-11-30 15:57:39 UTC #3. Step 2. Tracks and other files are placed onto a blank CD-R via a simple computer application that runs after a disc is placed into a rewritable disc drive. Since most Blu-ray Disc movies come with a DVD copy, you have both options for playing the same movie on Blu-ray Disc and DVD players. When in doubt, use the "CD/DVD" option. Step 3. Type D: cd boot and then Press the ENTER key. In command prompt type the following commands for a windows install. These are generally the cheaper option to buying a video capture card so you can use your TV's DVD player with your laptop. En lire plus. Mar 11, 2013 10:24 AM Reply Helpful. Now you will be able to use the disc the same way you use a folder saved on your hard drive. As mentioned before, if you want to format a used CD-RW/DVD-RW, you need to erase the data already on the disc first. Can I use a Virtual Cd/Dvd ? Formatting a CD should not actually be necessary unless you want to re-use a disc with data already on it. DVD-RW are rewritable discs that you can add or remove files to, while DVD-R discs cannot be deleted or edited. 14. Important: You can record audio files (MP3 and WAV files) to a DVD as data files, but you cannot create a DVD audio disc to be played in a car or home CD player. You can play a data CD on PCs and some CD and DVD players. I didn't really use it that often, but I did use it, and I knew I'd miss it. If you have a Windows installation CD/DVD, you can use WinToUSB to install Windows on your USB or Thunderbolt drive as a Windows To Go workspace. If the tracks are compressed, a single CD-R can hold up to 10 or 20 whole CD albums. The CD / DVD will begin to format. Please click the White KUDOS "Thumbs Up" to show your appreciation. You cannot use "mini-discs" in your slot-load CD/DVD drive. To get this job done, you can use the Windows 10 operating system's formatting tools. 1 2. If its just for holding them (storage) I would use DVD. Watch the video in case you have less time. This would only work if you are using a normal disc (DVD-R or CD-R). If your audio player can only play MP3 data DVDs, you will need to convert your WMA files to MP3s using a converter software. You can then use them as … Inserting a "mini-disc" into the drive may cause permanent damage to the drive. For best compatibility with CD-ROM drives and CD players, use CD-R discs to record music. Il suffit de gratter le logo microsoft (comme sur une carte de jeu) pour le faire apparaître. Le code d'activation de windows est situé sur l'étiquette colorée à coller sur le PC qui est sur l'emballage intérieur. Tools . Anonymous. 1 decade ago. More Less. Use this for music, pictures, and videos. Choose this option if you have lots of music and a CD or DVD player that can play the file types you add to the disc or if you want to back up your media. but this technique can't be used to install the Operating System, because in order to install and run a virtualization software you need an Operating System already up and running. I can acces the drive & read/write from it, it just won't boot to it. However you can use cd discs in dvd drives. May it be DVD/CD ,both have most things in common, we will learn about each part and how to take them apart. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If birds are damaging your crop and wreaking havoc in your yard and you want to scare them a bit, try this scare owl DIY here. Get the tutorial here. This would only work if you are using a rewriteable disc (DVD-RW or CD-RW). That is, you can copy the desired files or delete files as you want; In case you chose the option With a CD DVD player, you will see an empty File Explorer window. Si vous choisissez Amazon comme vendeur et pas le marketplace, vous devriez recevoir un DVD d'installation. Xilisoft MP3 CD burner program allows users to burn CD disks so you can’t use it to burn DVD disks. Hello, you cannot use a disk like a usb flash drive. How does a CD player work? I have "Googled" the earth & can't seem to find a straight answer to this. You can use Window’s default tools or the tool that came with your CD writer. I hope my suggestions help you. 13. I’ll concentrate on Windows tools. If I am wrong someone will correct me. You can also use an external USB drive, which is handy for a notebook that doesn’t have a CD or DVD drive. Selecting the "USB" option does not finalize the disc, allowing you to write more data to the disc at a later time. There are two main components inside a CD player that help read a CD: a tiny laser beam (known as a semiconductor diode laser) and an electronic light detector (basically, a tiny photoelectric cell).