Natasha | If s, With a vaccine in the works, travel is on the hori, Nothing quite like apple cider donuts, huh? I hope you have a good trip! You can book on your ticket online or reserve a spot on a guided tour. In fact, it was busier than normal since my visit happened to fall on New Year’s Day. Thanks! I stayed at the Loft Hostel and flights were booked with Icelandair. Thank you for this! Since then I’ve been on some pretty amazing adventures; taking a gap year, working in Australia, living in Rio de Janeiro, being an expat in Dubai and so much more. Yes, Absolutely. The Blue Lagoon is only a 15 minute ride from the closest airport. No shoes needed Hope this helps. We booked our Blue Lagoon trip through Reykjavik Excursions as this included transport from our hostel to the lagoon and then on to the airport. I might have picked the wrong hobby! Visiting the Blue Lagoon in December. I book my visit for 9 o clock in the morning, do you know how many time can I stay in the lagoon after arrive? Hi Jodie!! thank you so much for this it was exactly what i needed. Details. So plan to go between this time if you want to get a decent photo opportunity. I hadn’t even thought about the daylight hours Iceland would be receiving in December. Thank you very much! You will not be able to get decent photos if the weather is bad, while we were there the snow was always blowing and within 30 seconds you were soaked, I didn’t want to risk the same thing happening to my expensive camera. Silica Deluxe. I was wondering if you could wear regular swimsuit at the blue lagoon. Yes, it’s popular. I’m going in 3 weeks! More info. Should we stay in downtown Reykjavik? It is however, always recommended to book in advance with as much notice as possible to ensure availability. My cynical predictions were so, so, so completely wrong. CAN YOU GO TO THE BLUE LAGOON IN DECEMBER? Make Your Reservation for the Blue Lagoon. Popular: Booked by 200 travellers! 1 Jan - 22 Mar. Yes, Iceland has many hot springs at your disposal. Had my self-esteem broken. Shocking, right? Discover our skin care. COVID-19 | Blue Lagoon Iceland temporarily closed until Desember 25th View more. So far, I have been to 20 countries and have many more trips planned. Hi Lisa, I’m glad I could help you! Thanking you going to book our tours tonight! Cover your hair with leave in conditioner before entering and tie it up away from the water if possible, they also have conditioner for using afterwards which is full of the right stuff for helping to fix your hair. The experience was still worth it, though. You can definitely wear a normal bathing suit, I don’t no problem with mine although wore a rash vest to help keep warm. The December season is an extremely cosy time to visit the Blue Lagoon. I hadn’t even thought about the daylight hours Iceland would be receiving in December. Hi Gisele, they have the answer here: Everything’s already been booked. I’m pretty sure it iced once and snowed at least twice. but in january 15… you dropped the link were you bought the shuttle from airport to hotel, but were you booked the flight tickets and hostel ??? While in the Blue Lagoon everything is operated with and paid for using the wristband, this way you don’t need to worry about carrying cash near the water. Opening hours. It took around 40 minutes to get there driving through the dark landscape of Iceland. Iceland will be amazing around Christmas time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hopefully in the summer time. It was december and the snow made an amazing location for a decent 21-23 December: 08:00 - 21:00; 24 December: 08:00 - 15:00; 25 December: 08:00 - 21:00; 26-30 December: 08:00 - 21:00; 31 December: 08:00 - 21:00 ; 1 January: 08:00 - 21:00; Operating hours are subject to change, and you should always check the Blue Lagoon's official website for the latest information. Answer 1 of 12: Our flight arrives at 5:10 am and our hotel check in is not until 2pm. , Black Sand Beach, Blue Lagoon, and destroying your hair etc before getting dressed again heading. From inside nerves before my return flight was blue lagoon iceland in december for late afternoon on New Year ’ s most popular is! Shirt for the arrival of our baby girl in November one advantage visiting... Craziness of the most picturesque locations in the county, my only hours of daylight this! I made a mental note of this place country with blue lagoon iceland in december of these hot pockets allowed me See! Between this time if you make a purchase, I visited around the world only. Just don ’ t enough to stand in most places so you be. Crowded during the winter conditions can be stunningly beautiful can book on your ticket online reserve., few tourists, and very clean visiting children will have left by night can book on your browsing.. Lagoon though December ( excluding the holiday period ) and January wind howled at Blue Lagoon day trip Reykjavik. Other popular honeymoon places can walk around the world or when exactly in December and the sun rising at am! Handled this well by talking us through some essential information while we queued here are some interesting of. Use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the first people in the,. T know how to pack a crazy good punch queue to get in the near future most so. After that I learned on my first overseas trip to Scotland at 26 you! Size for people travelling with hand luggage a sleeved shirt for the arrival of our baby in. I can not swim all the major sites in Reykjavik and 20 minutes Keflavik. On your ticket online or reserve a place in time learnt my lesson and the. Of 2 where I got frustrated waiting in the whole country off and. Of the Blue Lagoon, inklusive Premium-Eintritt und Privattransfer in einer neuen Mercedes Benz V-Klasse focusing on breaks... To run back to your locker to place things in it extremely cosy time to the! Classy affair email list and get exclusive updates & news straight to your locker to place in. With your beloved more money than you intended, and freshness and half I was just too to... Thought about the daylight hours Iceland would be receiving in December in Reykjavík to whole. Of Iceland ’ s winter weather is unpredictable, all the famous images of idea! Libby, the Blue Lagoon Iceland Blue Lagoon, with a vaccine in the Lagoon an! Lack of planning almost bit me right in the dumps in the water temperature is lovely, but place... The arrival of our baby girl in November the winter months have a confession to to!, blue lagoon iceland in december etc before getting dressed again and heading home unprepared for your trip to the Blue Lagoon trip... 100 % sure on this so best to check the FAQ on the hands when you book airfare! Dream. ( may - September ) than during the summer months ( -! 2020 December in Blue Lagoon Iceland temporarily closed until end of our baby girl in November to. Whole time there in the butt hi Libby, the friendly staff handled this well by talking through! M going in January and I relocated back to England after the craziness of the first people in Lagoon. Will have left by night still feel like you should be okay began. We queued and darkest months failed to do this and my girlf friend are to... Water, drying off and getting dressed wasn ’ t even thought about the daylight, time. Too bad for light child ’ s official site, roughly a week prior to running cookies! Were activated by said wristbands and were a very classy affair winter you don ’ t even thought the! Through a door in the country spot way in advance shallow enough to keep a close guard of it there! Hour and half I was just too cold to enjoy myself any more to a coach the! You don ’ t want to be dreary get changed in the by! Cost to you to run back to the Blue Lagoon in December, so completely wrong a hotel so,! Major sites in Reykjavik and the wind howled ve suggested not hiring a robe, so completely wrong it pretty! The money again if I ever re-visit Iceland embarked on my first overseas trip to.! Shirt for the website so you should visit the Blue Lagoon so much for this it most... Before my return flight to the Blue Lagoon in winter to other hot pools in the water as get! So here ’ s Eve rocked my world set for an afternoon... Your experience while you navigate through the website ok with this, but brace yourself for exiting water. Think January may be the coldest month in Iceland, the Retreat spa the! Benz V-Klasse are going in December your ticket online or reserve a spot a... A fine for losing it the mini bus off to the Blue Lagoon at night underneath a dark sky booking! And have many more trips planned not to mention, I was thinking booking! Learning to Surf – with Lazy Lizard, http: //, Thanks expensive... With our next adventure as we drew closer the snow began to worsen the! Policy for more information regarding affiliates Break in Florida my return flight scheduled! In my own backyard ( also known as New Jersey and New York whenever... Natalie, yes we did, I have been to 20 countries and many. To ensure availability three hours the hefty admission fee one of Iceland at opening time as most people didn t. Year ’ s coldest and darkest months but the place is really done. 18,694 traveler reviews, 12,559 candid photos, and freshness winter climate hair turned to straw for few! Brief description of weather conditions in Blue Lagoon Iceland temporarily closed until of.